Cleaning Stain Removal Granite Countertop


Professional deep cleaning helps keep your natural stone in top condition, minimizing wear due to contaminants or tracked in grit and grime.
Natural Stone Restoration


Most dull, scratched, etched, even cracked or chipped natural stone can be beautifully restored for a fraction of the cost of replacement.
Sealing Natural Stone


Natural stone can be porous and absorbent, but we provide effective treatments that will protect your stone from staining damage.


there is no need to replace natural stone surfaces that have become dull, lifeless or otherwise damaged. for a fraction of the cost, we can restore your stone to like new.

Whether your marble floor needs to be polished or refinished, your travertine filled, honed or repaired, your granite countertops cleaned and sealed, or any of our other natural stone restoration services, Diamond Stone & Tile Care’s knowledgeable, experienced technicians are ready to get the job done right the first time, every time. We are committed to meeting or exceeding your expectations at the best possible value.

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case studies

Chipped corner on granite countertop

Chipped Granite Repair

The elegance of granite countertops is diminished by chip damage. We can repair granite cracks and chips with precision, so only you will ever know it was damaged.
Problem Granite surfaces add elegance to any space, creating a polished first impression. With time and use, especially in high traffic areas, even a stone
Travertine After

Travertine Floor Filled and Refinished

When time and traffic damages the smoothness of your filled travertine, exposing its natural holes, we can restore it to its original beauty.
Problem This travertine floor was in poor condition. Travertine has naturally-occurring holes that are often filled, as was the case with this floor, but with traffic and
Travertine Entry Polished

Travertine Floor Polished

We can clean and polish your travertine or other stone from a honed (matte) finish to a high-gloss, vice-versa or somewhere in between to match your desired outcome.
Dull-looking Honed Travertine We’ve seen our share of badly etched, chipped, or damaged travertine floors. This floor wasn’t so bad, but it certainly wasn’t impressive. It

Marble Facade Restored

We proudly contribute to historical restoration of natural stone in landmarks, such as the 1931 Art Deco-influenced William J. Nealon Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse.
The William J. Nealon Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse For many people, age and experience tend to build character. For buildings, however, they tend to obscure
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